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If You realize a problem we quickly and professionally repair that!

If You realize a problem we quickly and professionally repair that! Within the famework of our servicing we provide the spare parts within 24 hours and we start the repair of the problem. Our mobile repairman activity stands for our partners' service with 3 installed cars and specialists. The correction, maintenance, renovation works within the framework of going to spot and we solve it by delivering onto a depot. We provide an exchange forklift in case of a claim.

Tomayer Targo Kft Service team
We are a reliable, flexible, expert team at which an experience who are for a provision on all of the affected specialities of the maintenance, correction activity (electricity works, locksmith works, mechanic works, hydraulics mechanic works, gas fitter works ...)
  • We are going to spot with our well-equipped workshop cars. The charge of going to spot is: 150 Ft+VAT /kilometres.
  • The charge of repair is: 3600 Ft + VAT/hours
  • The necessary substances for the works: we transport it from a depository or we obtain it inside a short deadline. The short deadline is due for our wide supplier contacts.

In connection with a component ordering and repairs we wait for Your interest on e-mail:

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